Yasmeena, een jonge vrouw met dromen in Gaza

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Yasmeena is 23 jaar, Palestijnse en woont in Gaza. Ze is net afgestudeerd in Bedrijfskunde. Yasmeena heeft nog geen baan maar doet veel vrijwilligerswerk. Ze vlogte regelmatig voor lokale media over het Coronavirus en de impact daarvan op het leven in Gaza. Ze is vastberaden meer talen te leren want ze hoopt te kunnen reizen. Mensen ontmoeten. Een ding weet ze zeker. Ze wil graag nog haar masters halen en hoopt een dag haar eigen bedrijf te starten. Heel normale dromen en ambities van een jonge vrouw. Dreigen die nu in rook op te gaan? Voor de Wereldwijven beschrijft ze (in het Engels) hoe haar wereld ineens veranderde in chaos en angst.

Oorlog en Vrede
Foto: archief Bud Wichers

Infrastructuur vernietigd

War is a cruel thing. What we are living in Gaza at the present time is like a massacre. A massacre on so many levels. Martyrs of children, women and men. Bombing of houses and residential towers. Most houses that are bombed, receive first a warning of rockets, a sign for the inevitably coming bombardment.

The streets too are not free from the bombing. They are a target in order to destroy the infrastructure and to not allow any aid to reach the injured and victimes easily. The artillery and rockets are endless. All this happens all day and all night, but at night it is harder and tougher.

De vrouwen in Gaza

We in Gaza are suffering. Children. Women. Men. But let me talk about the women in Gaza. The mothers who worry for their children. Mothers of teenagers, toddlers, and babies. How do you calm your baby that just fell asleep after breastfeeding, but wakes up crying after the frightening sound of rockets? Can you make her feel safe and sleep again till the next rocket?

How do you distract your toddler when powerful rockets vibrate their house? Can you find answers to the endless questions of a teenager?

How do you face them, knowing that these are destructive rockets? How do you calm your frightened children when there is reason to be afraid? Mothers have to deal with this every day. Some questions are difficult to answer.

Oorlog en Vrede
Foto: archief Bud Wichers

De generatie jong volwassenen

I am a girl and what I suffer right now kills my youth. It steals my dreams and ambitions. What I am living, makes me feel lose the hope of living for the next day. The fear of rockets and their terrifying sound does not stop haunting me. 

I feel desperate, being 23 years old (yesterday was my birthday) and living in these circumstances. I don’t know what other people of my generation are doing right now. Do they walk in their neighborhood with their cup of coffee? Or are they shopping? Are they reading or studying? Or maybe they are at a party now? I only can guess.

‘It seems that rockets always kill innocent people and civilians. So why not me next time?”

In this very moment of writing, I hear another rocket that makes my laptop vibrate and make me lose my balance. Yes, I am afraid. Will the house I live in, be the next target of a rocket? It seems that rockets always kill innocent people and civilians. So why not me next time? Nobody knows.

Oorlog en Vrede
Foto: archief Bud Wichers

Vertel ook ons verhaal

This is part of what we live now. It might be surprising for some, but it is difficult for all of us. And it is real. Please let it stop. Let this stop as soon as possible because we have so much work to do. We have to try to recover from all the aggression.

We can’t do this ourselves. You can help us by educating yourself. By educating the younger generation and to talk about it. Talk with your friends and family. Share the stories out there. Share them on social media because it does more than you think. Talk and share but never NEVER choose silence.

Staakt het vuren

“It took 11 days, to tell the world that bombing children is not ok. This is where humanity failed. My heart is aching for those palestinian who lost their loved ones in this oppression & terrorism. May their souls rest in peace. The conditions will be known in the next few days so I think the ceasefire will be held.”

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